Creating a repertoire that attracts customers

2015 MCO

2015 Manny Cepeda Orchestra



Getting to know “YOU”!

The best part of any customer related job is knowing you are doing what keeps everyone happy and generating new leads/fans to be part of your business. This is something that most business dealing with the “Arts” music, theatre, art galleries, etc. need to know in order to maintain their public coming to see you and be part of your niche. Having a band is challenging enough, being a “Salsa Band” is even more challenging. Salsa dancers normally don’t drink in excess (tossing and turning your partner wouldn’t be fun not being in your full capabilities), because of the physical demands to do while they are dancing. So, how do you keep your fans coming? How long should you play a song? How many styles of music should you do? These and many other questions are what keeps a band in the #1 spot or at the end of the line. By getting to know your fans (like family), you can create songs that they like and help you keep your repertoire up to date! This is where this blog comes in. I want you to blog to me with your ideas and suggestions so that I can make your experience any time you come and see the band, the best time you’ve ever had. Most important that every time we perform you come because we play the music you like to dance and hear. Feel free to correspond with me and I assure you a great time any time you come and see us!


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