San Diego Salsa Spots

SD Fair

Featured Performance at the San Diego Fair 2014.

San Diego is a great place to dance; for social dancing it was a real treat, and I would put it up there as a fantastic place for dancers to visit.  Great weather, beaches, friendly people, great food and healthy salsa entertainment, all add up to a pretty stellar place to spend a few days. In comparison to other West Coast cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles,Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, it fairs quite well indeed.  There is salsa on most nights of the week, and on almost every night there are live bands.  There is more than one club to choose from on almost every night, but really just one place that is truly “happening” for the dancers (and socialites).

I checked on a Wednesday evening, and for salsa dancers, the happening spot is the same for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Café Sevilla is located in a very nice part of town, Gaslamp District as it’s known, in downtown San Diego.  The area is filled with brand new restaurants (some good looking fusion-food), a great deal of construction going on, and a ton of people wandering the streets, looking at the shops and eating in the many outdoor eateries.  It’s a nice place to wander, and there are a ton of fine restaurants and hotels in the area.

There’s also the Forum mall, five levels high and with a totally confusing layout.  I got lost in there and almost couldn’t find my way out. This mall is across the street from the Wyndham, US Grant. An historic hotel, and quite a deal at a $79 mid week, internet rate. It’s an easy 4 star hotel, with a Holiday Inn price.  When you are downtown, everything is within walking distance (within 12 blocks or so).


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